Wu Xin: The Monster Killer 2 (Cantonese) – 无心法师Ⅱ ()

Description: Wuxin: The Monster Killer 2 continues the story of monster hunter Wuxin and evil spirit Yue Qishan as they wake up 20 years later, in Republican Era Shanghai. 抗戰年代,上海孤島時期的大背景下,無心遇上日本陰陽師白川凜,當東洋式神對決中國法術會碰撞出怎樣的火花?神秘的黑幫二代小丁貓,與第一季中陰魂不散的岳綺羅又有著怎樣千絲萬縷的聯繫?無心的故事更加詭譎難測…
Language: Cantonese
Country: China
Cast: Elvis Han, Chen Yao, Wang Yan Lin, Mike D'Angelo, Li Landy
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