The Greatness of A Hero – 盛世仁傑

Detective Investigation Files 3 - 刑事偵緝檔案3
Super Cop - 重案傳真

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Description: Dik Yan-kit was a legendary chancellor in China’s history. He served as chancellor during the Tang Dynasty and Zhou Dynasty and was greatly trusted by Mo Chak-tin. The Empress’s nephew, Mo Sing-chi, was jealous and sought every opportunity to frame him. He accused Dik of colluding with his son-in-law Sung Ting-yuk in order to usurp the Empress’s throne. Dik’s family was seized but in the confusion, Dik escaped. Mo Sing-chi then threatened to kill Dik’s wife, Cho Yuet. Will Dik Yan-kit be able to win against his enemies?

Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 20 Episodes
Release Date: 2009
Cast: Kent Cheng, Sunny Chan, Sonija Kwok, Bernice Liu, Wayne Lai, Rebecca Chan, Leila Tong, Raymond Cho, Stephen Wong, Claire Yiu, Matthew Ko, Queenie Chu

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