Love Me Or Leave Me (Cantonese) – 我,租了一個情人 ()

Description: Ji Qing (Ann Hsu) has commitment issues because of her parents failed marriage and her father's infidelity. Even though she is in a stable and loving relationship with her longtime boyfriend Fang Hao Ming (Chris Wang), she hesitates when he talks about marriage. To test if Hao Ming will remain faithful to her, she hires Zhao Shan Shan (Albee Huang), to test if he will cheat on her. But Ji Qing plan seems to have backfired when Shan Shan seems to have fallen for Hao Ming for real. 一對同居熱戀男女並論及婚嫁,但女主角因家庭陰影恐婚,友人提議可找年輕美女去接近男友以測試他的忠誠度,卻不料引來了一位聰明伶俐、渴望機會的女孩,反倒讓自己感情生變
Language: Cantonese
Country: TaiWan
Director: Lin Qing Zhen
Cast: Ann Hsu , Chris Wang
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