Love Family (Cantonese) – 有愛一家人 ()

Description: Rich heir Wan Sheng Ren has only 100 days to find a girl he briefly encountered when he was young that he calls "Little Angel" or else his parents will force him into an arranged marriage in order to inherit the family business. The problem with finding his "Little Angel" is he doesn't know her name or remember how to go to the place where he first met her since he was only seven than. One day he sees on television a family run inn with the same flower logo as the handkerchief "Little Angel" left for him. He heads out to find his "Little Angel", but when he arrives at the inn he's not sure who exactly is his "Little Angel", so he decides to apply for a job at the inn in order to try and figure out who "Little Angel" is. 許家三姊妹是漢元跟昭君最寶貴的三個女兒,有愛、大妹及小妹。在這個家裡沒有隔夜的眼淚,什麼事情吵一吵、笑一笑就過去了,樂觀永不絕望,就是有愛一家人的信念。
Language: Cantonese
Country: Taiwan
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