Lost Love in Times (Cantonese) – 醉玲瓏 ()

Country:  China

Description: Feng Qingchen (Cecilia Liu) is a sorceress of Mingyi Tower, the secret organization tasked with protecting the royal family. Yuan Ling (William Chan) is a prince from Western Wei, a ruling kingdom during the Northern and Southern dynasties. Yuan Zhan (Xu Haiqiao), the seventh prince, is Yuan Ling's biggest competitor in both power and love. After getting to know each other, Feng Qingchen is impressed by Yuan Ling's abilities and suppresses her feelings for the sake of seeing him ascend his rightful position. Despite Qingchen's contributions to the kingdom, the court is vehemently against Yuan Ling marrying a woman who dabbles in black magic. Yuan Zhan launches a coup on the day of the wedding ceremony, and Qingchen uses her powers to reset the universe in an effort to prevent further bloodshed. Qingchen is eventually able to heal the rift between Yuan Ling and Yuan Zhan, allowing them to join hands to overthrow the corrupt officials and return peace to the land. 西魏年間,奸臣當道,拱衛皇室的冥衣樓被冠以謀逆之罪。冥衣樓巫女鳳卿塵幸得四王子元凌所救。元凌不顧反對娶卿塵為后,引發朝野震盪。危急時刻,卿塵發動巫族禁術九轉玲瓏陣,重構一個新世界,回到與元凌認識之前…
Language: Cantonese
Country: China
Cast:  Cecilia Liu, William Chan
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