Duel Masters VSRF Series (Cantonese) – 決鬥大師VSRF ()

Description: Thenew series will feature talking hamsters, as well as "amazing transfer students" who appear one after another. The video also confirms that Katta Kirifuda, the younger brother of the previous franchise lead Shoubu Kirifuda, will continue to star in the series. 在切札勝太前額上的'V'標記隱藏著神秘的力量。但是,電源被密封了。即使拆除密封後的影響並不大,但是哈姆吉烈開始說話了!加上像哈姆吉烈這樣的更多的神秘的倉鼠開始出現!然後他們被告知一個秘密組織的成員,正是轉校學生!像哈姆吉烈這樣的倉鼠的秘密是什麼?最後的戰役即將開始!
Language: Cantonese
Country: Japan
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