Crime And Passion – 新重案傳真 (1994 )

Description: It has 4 stories that span 5 episodes each. They comprises of a group rape case, a corpse dissolving case, a military gun case and a building’s illegal sex service case. Wai’s criminal investigation unit combines with Yuen Yee’s anti-illegal sex trade unit to crack them. 「新重案傳真」講述一隊便衣警探辦案的真實過程,其中更穿插香港四宗震撼一時之真實個案:令人驚嚇聳然之屯門色魔強姦案、桃色糾紛溶屍案、大圈幫軍火械劫案及淫業大廈掃黃行動等案件。劇中內容懸疑曲折,人物性格刻劃細膩。CID馬兆軍(林嘉華)、女CID丁蘭(藍潔瑛)、重案組總督察方偉(陶大宇)、掃黃組女總督察劉詠儀(梁婉靜)及聶志華(張國強)等五人更展開一段微妙的五角感情關係,糾纏不清,引人入勝。
Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 20 Episodes
Release Date: 1994
Cast: Michael Tao, Yammie Nam, Florence Kwok, Wayne Lai Genre:
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